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Hyden | HÖR – December 9 / 2023
Dec 09, 2023 / 1472 views
Crisco | HÖR – December 9 / 2023
Dec 09, 2023 / 1738 views
Katy De Jesus | HÖR – December 8 / 2023
Dec 08, 2023 / 5279 views
Æmris | HÖR – December 8 / 2023
Dec 08, 2023 / 3188 views
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Stella Zekri

While eclecticism starts to become a commonly word to describe DJs, just a few celebrate its meaning, and Stella Zekri is certainly one of them. Her distinctive approach states DJing as art; an expressive, vivid language, that goes along with her sense of complete freedom. She doesn't just want to be, she is. Either in abandoned warehouses, rave in the woods or just setting up the mood for a room, Stella will put the heart in it, and will take the audience on a guided tour through every quality music from all the musical eras, transcending genres and trends. From Jazz to Hip Hop, Breaks and Dub, from Boogie to Electro or Disco, House and Trance, there is no rules or limits, just her true self. Her superlative taste is backed up by a huge record collection, and the everyday diggin' is one of the keyframes of Stella's lifestyle. She embraces record culture as the opportunity to connect with the endless music universe and the fascinating fact that there is plenty to discover and more to come. In 2022 Stella releases "Détends-toi", an album which she co-write with Ed Longo, reaching countless charts and getting a fantastic reaction from magazines and blogs. Resident at HOR radio and at hedonist queer party Cocktail D'amore, Stella reputation is growing fast. At her young age, she already counts a vast experience of playing in every corner of Berlin's electronic music scene, such as Tresor, Oxi Garten, Funkhaus, Sameheads and plenty more.
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