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The spoken word from the beginning of the set is a reading from Minority Report by Philip K. Dick

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BB Deng

DJ / Music producer / Record label owner BB DENG was born in Hong Kong and raised in Taiwan. She began her musical journey playing in rock/electro-punk bands and working as a resident DJ in clubs in Taipei. she later moved to Beijing to study film and within a few years developed into one of the most popular electronic music artists in China. In Beijing she opened her club 'The Boat' and organised countless music/art events/festivals in China over the course of a decade. She is also a promoter/booker between East and West. Since 2015, she has been touring festivals and clubs around the world, from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Mongolia to Germany and the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Austria, Finland, Poland and Spain to name a few. In the same year, BB Deng signed with the British electronic music equipment label Novation, becoming its first Taiwanese ambassador in China, and began releasing her work on global labels in the coming year. BB Deng has made Berlin her home since 2018 and remains active in the scene with her new event/label Ego Riot in 2022.
BB Deng's shows