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BLGV | HÖR – March 4 / 2024
Mar 04, 2024
Loa Szala | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 8079 views
Nico Lahs | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 3182 views
D-Knox | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 2903 views
Rebecca Goldberg | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 3856 views
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Black Eyes

Hailing originally from Manchester, in the industrial north of England, Black Eyes has effortlessly relocated to the similarly gritty streets of Berlin, where his raw, trademark sound blends perfectly with the sodium lit concrete environment. Whilst excelling as a producer of self-described "Hydro-trippin House and Aquatic Techno from Atlantis", Black Eyes is at heart primarily a DJ, and always will be. His sound is heavily influenced by Detroit producers Mike Huckaby, Walt J, Omar S and Norm Talley as well European DJs like Young Marco and MCDE with their unique mixing styles. These influences shine through both in his sets and in the releases from his label, LOST CONTROL 2097, most notably heard over a 7 year residency with the infamous NTS radio, at the now legendary parties he ran at The White Hotel in Manchester. BLACK EYES now brings his inimitable sound to Berlin - things will never be the same again.
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