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Dali is a DJ and Producer. based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her excitement about dance culture starts in her teenage years, and for the past decade, since 2014 Dali has been a personality on Tbilisi Dance Scene. Known for her diverse and experimental style, she is never afraid to be bold and to offer something new to the dancefloor. Dali is known for her exquisite technique and hard-working nature, earning herself a reputation as a DJ who is always there exploring new genres, artists and cultures. Apart from DJ-ing, Dali is a prolific producer, consistently releasing her tracks in Georgia and beyond. Most recent releases include compilations of Tbilisi-based Fantastic Planet and Florence-based De Rio. Dali prides herself to be contributing as a selector in community radios in various cities, like Mutant Radio in Tbilisi, 20ft Radio, Gasoline radio in Kyiv, Netil Radio in London and Rinse France in Paris...
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