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Edo Messina

Edoardo Messina was born in Ischia, a beautiful island in the Gulf of Naples (Italy) and currently lives in Berlin. Since his childhood he had a great passion for music, studying guitar and piano at a well-known local academy. After years of study in 2017 he graduated in music production of "Ableton Live" and "Cubase" and soon after "mixing and mastering" at the "NuT Academy" in Naples. In the same year he releases an EP on the historical Hydraulix by D.A.V.E. The Drummer and from that moment his vision of techno changes totally. In 2022 Edo Messina founded his own label "Verbis Diablo", an Industrial, Noise etc. label, receiving much acclaim from the scene. Besides playing in the most important European cities in the last years, including shows like Operator Radio and HÖR for example, his tracks have been supported by famous artists like : AnD, Dj Rush, Hypnoskull, Gijensu, Richie Hawtin, Rebekah, Shlomo, SNTS, SPFDJ, Slave To Society, Swarm Intelligence, Tommy 47, and many more.
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