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Eileen draws on a deep appreciation for tracks that have soul with her late night selections that keep hips swaying into the morning light. From disco’s dancefloor bombs to motown’s unmissable melodies, she’s got all the deepest jams in town and she knows just how to lay them down. Taking up DJing soon after her relocation to Amsterdam, Eileen was drawn to the bright city lights and she hasn’t looked back since. Today she finds herself regularly soundtracking hazy nights in the city’s finest clubs and bars, keeping the midnight runners glued to the dancefloor from dusk till dawn. Her musical journey begins with a crate of her parents’ favourite records: Prince, George Benson and Diana Ross LPs that had her dancing round the living room. With these early influences as her guide, she set off exploring all the musical alleyways of the downtown sound. Landing at Amsterdam’s Claire for an education in house and funk, she caught the bug for boogie and developed a love for sharing the tracks that moved her most. It was only a matter of time before she let loose behind the booth, with a lifetime of tunes at her disposal. Since then she’s graced the decks at spots right across the country, including notable appearances at Lovelee, Paradiso, Shelter, PIP, and Weelde. Her first overseas appointments saw her hop the border to Belgium in Summer ‘22 and now she has her sights set firmly further afield. Breaking into the festival circuit, she’s proven she can mix it at the highest level with a debut slot at Lowlands’ famous Hacienda stage. And with further appearances at Expedition and Voodoo Village already under her belt, Eileen’s credentials as a proven summer sunshine selector improve with every turntable rotation. Finding a home on the airwaves at Rotterdam’s Operator studio, Eileen holds down a monthly residency for sharing her latest underground finds. Spinning the rarest grooves in radio, her show has quickly reached required listening status for anyone that wants to get down. With further appearances on Radio Radio and Rinse FM, she’s a DJ in demand to light up any live stream. With a packed agenda across all four seasons, Eileen’s one to keep both eyes on as she builds up a momentum that’s impossible to stop. Keep up with all her latest recordings and updates via soundcloud and instagram.
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