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Ori Itshaky | HÖR




Reply to  Thijs



The new platform is fantastic. Big up to team @Hör.


Oh and lets not forget, the mix is stellar too (:

dok_sokoni 1312

Banger set

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End Train

Inspired by Surrealism, the Berlin-and-London-based artist is known for bringing contrast to the realm of groovy and dance oriented music. The producer, DJ, event curator and Home of Sound co-founder has been immersed in electronic music since his early teens, inevitably leading to his work as an interdisciplinary artist ailing from dancefloors to live performances. With a string of releases on Soma, MORD, BODYCLOCK and Metempsychosis Records and previously on Genesa, Ways To Die, Khemia and Planet Rhythm, End Train makes ‘computer body music’ centered on sharp drum patterns, hypnotic grooves, EBM-permeated basslines often brought alive by the artist’s own voice.
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End Train's shows
End Train | HÖR – November 8 / 2023
Nov 08, 2023 / 8036 views