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Ida's vibrant sets are impossible to pinpoint to any single sound - a techno, breaks, electro and 'everything in between' enthusiast, she effortlessly transcends categories and moods. With a style that's distinctly her own, but still retaining an irresistible, classic rave energy, her versatile, charismatic and consistent performances are as at home in the most intimate clubs as they are on big festival stages. From Helsinki via Glasgow and Berlin, Ida hosts her renowned Acid Flash parties at Glasgow's legendary Sub Club, making her a resident of the longest-running underground dance music venue in the world. She's played notable clubs across Berlin including Tresor, ELSE, Wilde Renate, Revier Sudost and about:blank, as well as famed UK venues Fold, HopeWorks, Motion Bristol. From her own UK Boiler Room tour, and playing B2Bs with revered DJs like Daniel Avery in locations including a secret car park in Paris, to lighting up the stage at Stihia Festival in Uzbekistan, Ida has indisputably marked herself as 'one to watch'. As well as making an imminent move into producing her own music, Ida also heads up her own label Sävy Records, with releases to date from artists including Ryan James Ford, Poly Chain, Slacker and tracing Xircles.
Sävy RecordsBerlinSub Club Glasgow
3 Shows
IDA's shows
IDA | HÖR – Jun 2 / 2023
Jun 02, 2023 / 3941 views
IDA B2B SLAK | HÖR – Jan 18 / 2022
Jan 18, 2022 / 3872 views
IDA / May 13 / 8pm-9pm
May 13, 2021 / 6326 views