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Hyden | HÖR – December 9 / 2023
Dec 09, 2023 / 1472 views
Crisco | HÖR – December 9 / 2023
Dec 09, 2023 / 1738 views
Katy De Jesus | HÖR – December 8 / 2023
Dec 08, 2023 / 5279 views
Æmris | HÖR – December 8 / 2023
Dec 08, 2023 / 3188 views
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JADA (any pronouns) is a genrefluid DJ, dancer, interdisciplinary Artist and curator based in Hamburg. They are known for their fine selections - basslines that make your booty work, funky edits, soulful vibes and experimental blends. They gained experience in various contexts - in clubs, festivals, as a ballroom DJ, in radio broadcast aswell as overseas (f.e. New York & Oakland) In the ballroom scene JADA is a part of the legendary Kiki House of Angels - representing as the hamburger Princess in the Kiki Scene. They are also a member of the international House of Elle founded by Icon Stan.
Collective Fouby uebel&gefaehrlich
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