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Michael Klein

Born in the techno hub of Frankfurt, Michael Klein's journey into the world of techno began in the iconic Cocoon club, where his interest in electronic music started. Fast forward to the current day, this DJ, producer, and label owner thrives on various dance floors of the world's biggest festival stages and underground clubs. Extrema, ADE, or Rave The Planet are only a fraction of the places where Klein has had the opportunity to share his signature versatile and euphoric grooves with fans. With undying support from techno GOAT’s like Pan-Pot, Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, Amelie Lens, and Dubfire, he is able to explore new territories of sound with releases on top labels like Second State or Cocoon. In between all of these, he is creating his own unique identity on BLK DRP, a concept which has long transcended the boundaries of just music.
BLK DRP RSPX CocoonnBerlin
3 Shows
Michael Klein's shows
Michael Klein | HÖR – Jan 20 / 2022
Jan 20, 2022 / 16K views
Michael Klein / January 14 / 7pm-8pm
Jan 14, 2021 / 12.3K views