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Monibi is a club DJ, radio host, and music producer, based in Berlin. Born in France, former Scottish resident, adopted German. Bass music and leftfield house music often shine in Monibi's DJ sets. She takes inspiration from the old-school NY open-format school of DJing: she joins the dots of the dance music spectrum favouring vibe over genre dogmatism. The vibe is retrofuturistic, embracing queerness, and inviting colourful mystic journeys. Her versatile and forward-thinking DJ style was born in the kraut-techno-jazz infused Cologne scene. She's played at Cologne institution techno label Kompakt's line-ups, C/O Pop, Gewölbe, Zugvögel Festival, Timcheh Festival, Odonien, Studio 672 / Jaki, Stadgarten, Acephale, Golzheim, Renate, Mensch Meier, Fiese Remiese, Irgendwo Bremen, CTM Vorspiel, Hör Berlin, WDR Cosmo, United We Stream x Arte, and more. Through her radio endeavours she delivered strong DJ-sets championing percussive and underground music and leftfield sensitivities for Red Light Radio Amsterdam, WDR Cosmo, Rinse France, Radio 8000, Mutant Radio, to name a few. Monibi co-curates the radio program and contributes to community development projects at THF Radio Berlin. She hosts her monthly radio show “Etc w/ Monibi”, featuring interviews of role-model artists and their non-male-heteronormative narratives of the electronic music scene. She's been awarded a Berlin Music Board scholarship in 2021 and is currently working on new music. She released her debut EP in 2019 and subsequent single via the Cologne-based, experimental & kraut-loving label and artist collective baumusik. She's remixed tracks for various artists.
4 Shows
Monibi's shows
Monibi / May 10 / 6pm-7pm
May 10, 2021 / 5490 views
Monibi / February 8 / 5pm-6pm
Feb 08, 2021 / 5480 views
MY DEAR – Monibi / September 21 / 2pm-3pm
Sep 21, 2020 / 3547 views