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DJ, producer and antidisciplinary artist MORENXXX, also known as Jesús Hilario Reyes is a true enigmatic force exalted from Chicago’s underground. MORENXXX's hypnotic yet blisteringly fast sound ranges with rapturous percussion and ethereal intensity: weaving dynamic rhythms across trance, techno, house and spirited vocalization that culminates into something otherworldly and entirely its own. Boundless and Ritualistic, MORENXXX blends the contemporary and the timeless with cyclonic fluidity, feeling both of the times and a product of what once was, as an ode to a queer temporality.
BrooklynBossa Nova Civic ClubParagonNowadaysBasement
2 Shows
MORENXXX's shows
MORENXXX | HÖR – Jun 8 / 2023
Jun 08, 2023 / 4200 views