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A highly-regarded talent at the forefront of Tokyo's vibrant underground club scene, mu"he has built an unquestionable reputation as a multi-genre DJ with the versatility to both build up a room and command the peak hours of a rave. Balancing introspective selections with outbursts of collective jouissance, there is careful intentionality behind her mixing philosophy rooted in the history of communal dancefloor experience. Based in Berlin since May 2023, mu”he has been quickly booking appearances at some of Berlin’s best clubs and festivals across Europe–most notably: TILL THE LAST organized by Lunchmeatfestival in Prague, Whole Festival outside Berlin, Jera on Air in the Netherlands, and an array of Berlin clubs including ://about blank, OXI, and OHM. Building upon a background collecting leftfield and experimental records as a teenager, mu"he's style draws from an uncompromising palette of the harder-edged side of dance music. With a range encompassing styles from techno and trance to hardcore, jungle, and footwork, mu"he deftly weaves across the BPM spectrum, unafraid to intersperse tough physical grooves with moments of dancefloor euphoria. This aesthetic found a home at the renowned Tokyo club Vent, where mu"he founded the eclectic FUSION party in 2019. FUSION proved to be a disruptive influence on a stagnating Tokyo techno scene, with the VENT resident curating progressive and varied line-ups featuring a forward-thinking generation of fresh local talent. An influence that can still be felt today, as Tokyo’s underground scene continues to blossom in unexpected directions, with the new school leading the charge. mu"he's crate digger background shines in energetic, diverse recordings brimming with both forgotten rave classics and undiscovered gems fresh from the far-flung corners of Bandcamp. Her keen ear and swelteringly effusive mixing style has made her an in-demand talent for international podcasts and radio shows. A breakout year for mu"he, 2020 saw her release a prolific number of podcasts, guesting on venerable outlets like Rinse FM, Ilian Tape, Voitax, PRSPCT and HÖR among many others. Her boundary-pushing selections and intensely fun performances have earned her a dedicated following beyond Tokyo.
4 Shows
mu”he's shows
mu”he | HÖR – April 8 / 2024
Apr 08, 2024 / 6076 views
mu”he | HÖR – January 22 / 2024
Jan 22, 2024 / 10.6K views
mu”he | HÖR – Sep 14 / 2023
RAIDERS – mu“he | HÖR – Aug 17 / 2022