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Mx. Sür

Ever since 2007, Mx. Sür has been aiming at contributing to the unifying power of music and dance as a person behind the decks. Hacking life by means of nightlife culture and calibrating between the genres, Mx. Sür is one of the procreators of Istanbul’s unique spaces; Wake Up Call, Suma Beach and Mama. Standing as one of the scene’s most outspoken queer voices, they are also behind prolific party series such as Come to Mama!, TUTTIFRUTTI and XES. Mx. Sür’s latest Project comes in the form of their founded label, XSM Recordings (Ex-Stepmother Recordings), the slutty and revolutionary motherhood projects that expands and queers the boundaries of definitions, which made quite the first impression with the release of “ALAN2020”, a pride parade anthem by Mx. Sür and Kübra Uzun. Recently, they have been attempting at shifting to mommy era by releasing new records via XSM Recordings and organizing XSM events. Except being a frequent player at local venues Şahika, Mecra, Suma Han, Suma Beach; Mx. Sür brings their versatile taste to iconic dancefloors like Amsterdam Dance Event, Paradiso, +4 / Tresor, Homopatik at ://about blank, Cocktail d’Amore at Griessmuehle, Batofar in Paris or Fabriketa in Sao Paulo… They are passionate about the graphic design and thinking about humans and stuff.
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Mx. Sür's shows
Mx. Sür | HÖR – Feb 22 / 2023
Feb 22, 2023 / 5977 views