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what a good vibe

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In Kampala’s underground scene, Nsasi is known for their agile style of playing. This Enfant Terrible of the deeply conservative, picturesque town of Jinja, Uganda; earned an early reputation for blunt refusal of authority. Once excommunicated from a seminary in his childhood, Nsasi looked to their icon, the scandalous 1980s pop sensation; Tshala Mwana, as an inspiration for how to live & perform dangerously.Nsasi’s daring sound embodies both a nostalgia for traditional rhythms/ sound palettes, and an affinity for hyper-modern, disruptive compositions. Making jumps between disparate sounds is a dominant part of Nsasi’s repertoire, which propels the listener through drastically different tempos & genres. This creates an open space of chances, in which skittered fluxes of acid could collide with Kiganda percussion, or with East African Trap. A fluid, compelling style.