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Robin Tasi

With surprisingly versatile mixing, genre-bending track selection and fast navigated transitions between basic human emotions, the objective of the Hungarian rooted and Dortmund based dj / producer ‘Robin Tasi’ is to let you forget your daily worries. On production as well as on performance side, his style is influenced by different subgenres from the past thirty years of electronic music without complying to any boundaries. As in pursuing to find the best language to kindle energy between audience and music for the last ten years in and outside Germany, his music was released on labels all around the globe, up to self-releasing on several own projects. Full of appreciation for the golden era of electronic music Junkyard Dortmund has given his career a twist in 2021 by appointing him as part of the club residency.
Furious Funk Acid Wave RecordsnDortmund{
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