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Jan 18, 202310.9K views
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Rose Kourts

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Rose Kourts is a New York City-based DJ blazing through the underground. Her unbounded selections are known to weave through acid crunchers, freakified techno, ravishing house, and cheeky, feel-good bangers, using sonic alchemy to evoke communal connection, play, and release on the dance floor. Whether she's leaning hard and rough or warm and funky, she always plays from the heart, conjuring palpable joy across New York’s most prominent clubs and beyond. Her philosophy of fun extends to her work as the brain behind Now That's What I Call A Party, a raucous club night highlighting old-school jams as well as indie electronic and pop-inflected tunes, and as a resident of Sweet Kicks, where she collaborates with co-founders Karlala Sound System and Miss Alicia to provide community-focused dance events. She also assumes the role of co-founder and resident at In Bloom, a party celebrating femme power and the ecstasy of blossoming forth on a dance floor. Rose Kourts is a regular at New York venues such as Nowadays, Bossa Nova Civic Club, Good Room, Elsewhere, Jupiter Disco and Mood Ring. Outside of New York, her dynamic sets have traveled across electronic hubs like Amsterdam, Berlin, Detroit, London, Los Angeles, and Miami. On the airwaves, her fearless sound can be heard through various guest sets on radio stations such as The Lot Radio, HÖR, Newtown Radio and Vans' Channel 66. The DJ has also recently made her festival debuts at Keep Hush, Fourth World, Shaker Mountain, Slingshot Fest, and Dweller.