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Žygimantas RGB

amazing mix

Žygimantas RGB

thank you!

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Ryan James Ford

During the 1990’s while growing up in western Canada, Ryan James Ford was introduced to electronic music through the local rave and club scene. He began to discover, study, and collect the music he heard at these parties which consisted of a mix of Jungle, UK hardcore, Techno, House, IDM, and ambient.

 Fast forward many years later to Berlin, where Ryan and his productions found a solid home on the legendary Clone records from Rotterdam and has production’s on Nina Kraviz’s TRIP, Anetha’s Mama Told Ya, Ellen Allien’s We Are Not Alone, Ida’s SÄVY, Marcel Dettmann’s MDR, Tale of Us’s Afterife, Answer Code Request’s ACR, Dream Ticket, and his own label SHUT. 

Ryan’s sets and productions are rich with inspiration from his time spent living in Calgary where he had interests not only in electronic music but also in hip hop, post rock, reggae, jazz, experimental, and even some interest in metal. He began experimenting with production in the early 2000’s but it wasn’t until 2013, with a move to Berlin, that he started investigating his musical capabilities seriously.

 Even though two decades have passed since Ryan’s introduction to electronic music, his love for early Warp, Metalheads, Metroplex, Novamute, Skam, Downwards, etc. can still be heard resoundingly clear in the strength and versatility of his productions and sets. The future will see Ford continue to play out and release on labels that share his like-minded affiliation and roots in the electronic music community.