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Loa Szala | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 3853 views
Nico Lahs | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 1566 views
D-Knox | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 1629 views
Rebecca Goldberg | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 2510 views
Quail | HÖR – March 1 / 2024
Mar 01, 2024 / 3116 views
MD Lovecraft | HÖR – March 1 / 2024
Mar 01, 2024 / 3304 views
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Siggatunez a DJ and producer from Berlin and founder of the Deephouse label TIEFFREQUENT and the GOOEY Editz Series. Musically he is deeply rooted in the US-Golden Age Hip-Hop era of the 90's but also the MOTOWN Sound and the East- German Funk & Soul Music. Mainly influenced by his younger brother he started producing beats and cuts out of dusty vinyl-records from my father’s collection. In 2005 he moved to Frankfurt where he got in contact with electronic music and the local scene. With his friend LE RUBRIQUE he started the regular House Music Event SUCIO at the legendary CAFÉ KOZ at Frankfurt’s GOETHE University . It was a stage for new artist to bring them in contact with the scene but also to create a room for communication with established artists. There he started Djing in 2008 and evolved a passion for vinyl records and the whole record- shop-digger cosmos. In 2012 he moved to Berlin where he founded TIEFFREQUENT as a platform to get in contact with other artists and the local scene but also to put out own and friends’ material. To put focus on his musical roots he founded the GOOEY Editz Series in 2020 with the aim to recontextualize and impart the sound and aethetics of that time but also point out that musical and cultural link to House Music.