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Inspired by hardcore sounds of the past plus the cutting edge Footwork, Breakbeat and Jungle that her label platforms, Souci (she/her) cultivates a style which is ever-evolving. Growing up in Berlin as an immigrant from Serbia, she has a unique perspective and an uncompromising work ethic which translates to the studio and the booth. Starting her deejay career in 2019 and with appearances at CTM Festival, Drugstore Belgrade and Herrensauna already under her belt, her pace of progression matches the intense pace of her music. As co-founder of Raiders Records, Souci has overseen releases and raves alike, while refusing to ignore the political aspect of dance music culture. Along with jpeg.love, she curated Queens of Club: a FLINTA-only compilation to which she also contributed high-octane empower-banger “Reclaiming Bad Bitch”. Currently she is resident on Refuge Worldwide with a show in which she highlights femme productions. With releases on her own label and Jensen Interceptor's International Chrome, plus more upcoming, Souci is not slowing the pace any time soon.
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