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BLGV | HÖR – March 4 / 2024
Mar 04, 2024
Loa Szala | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 8079 views
Nico Lahs | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 3182 views
D-Knox | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 2903 views
Rebecca Goldberg | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 3856 views
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In a world where techno conforms, Wallis is a breath of fresh air. Dj, label owner, live-act and former mastering engineer, Wallis speaks for a generation searching for novelty in the techno realm and is a widely respected producer amongst her peers. Her creativity coupled with sharp engineering skills allowed her to become one of the rare producers to have created her own remarkably unique sound, which as now become her trademark. This trademark sound design allows fans regularly to recognize a “Wallis track” even before it is released. Using an array of synthesizers, effects units, and experimental studio techniques, Wallis produces confrontational and urgent techno that shifts constantly between different patterns and atmospheres. She launched her own label, Jell, and has released several times on R Label Group or been part of compilations in many other renowned labels such as Bpitch or Possession. Often jokingly coined “queen of the nerds”, her passion for hardware and creative recording techniques have her playing live sets with her all-analog setup across some of the biggest festival stages in the world. While she first received attention because of her sharp live-act skills and energetic productions, she is not to be underestimated as a DJ. No matter what the time slot is, she brings her entire self into each DJ set, from the opening to the very last second of a closing, and she keeps dancefloors full and particularly full of energy. Her ever evolving style has one main focus: keep it relentlessly interesting for the crowd through and through. Considered one of the most inspiring and promising newcomer of the techno scene, she plays at some of the most renowned venues such as the infamous Berghain club in Berlin or festivals such as Awakenings, and holds residencies at the Floorgasm and XXL parties.
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