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ItaloJohnson | HÖR – Jun 2 / 2023
Jun 02, 2023 / 1789 Views
Anh Phi | HÖR – Jun 2 / 2023
Jun 02, 2023 / 1267 Views
IDA | HÖR – Jun 2 / 2023
Jun 02, 2023 / 1593 Views
Unklevon (LIVE) | HÖR – Jun 2 / 2023
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"Art has always played a central role in Yuada's life: she started painting and playing piano at 3 years old, experiences that left an everlasting imprint on her creative identity and that brought her to move to New York in 2011 to attend the “The Art Students League of NY”.   During her New York days she began producing her first electronic music tracks and in 2014 she was offered to start writing music for a gaming company. By the time she had completed her Art studies, music became a bigger interest and in 2019 she moved to Amsterdam to focus on her musical aesthetics and started playing regularly in the European club scene.   After a few months working in the studio, she caught the attention of Richie Hawtin, who signed her track “Circle of Acid” on Plus8 Recordings. Hawtin, impressed also by her DJing skills, asked her to join him during his last Japan tour at his Vent and Circus shows.   She also holds a residency at Melkweg in Amsterdam and keeps working steadily in the studio in order to release more music and refine her DJing skills in order to bring her fast and hard sound around the best techno venues of the planet.   In 2021, she moved to Berlin where she launched her own label Third Floor Records and released her first EP "Hidden Story”. She recently had her debut on the prestigious Berlin music platform "HÖR”, and she opened her monthly radio show on Maxximum by Radio FG, the most prominent underground radio station in France.
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YUADA / March 1 / 4pm-5pm
Mar 01, 2021 / 18.8K views