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Amy Dabbs

London born, now Berlin based, Amy Dabbs is the daughter of an original Northern Soul DJ. As a multi-genre artist, she has become renowned for her distinguished and diverse sound, both behind the booth and in the studio. Just three years ago, the urgency of recognising Amy Dabbs' talent was widespread by Special Request, who selected her track 'Allure' as a winner in his notable Splurgecore competition. Word quickly got around, and since then her career has been a steep uphill trajectory, spanning releases on Shall Not Fade, sets at HÖR Berlin, collaborations with the likes of Coco Bryce, and countless features on BBC Radio 1 Dance & BBC6 Music. Most recently,Amy Dabbs joined the Rinse FM family, hosting a monthly show spanning house music to jungle, alongside being made a resident at highly acclaimed Berlin club, Renate. Having recently launched her own label Dabbs Traxx, and with forthcoming releases on Aus, Heist and her own imprint, it's clear Amy Dabbs is a name we will be hearing a lot more of.
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