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Bloomfeld is researching and documenting innovative momentums across all domains of cultural production. His own music, digital art, and performance aim at expanding the intersection of ethno-futurist braindance and functional/hedonistic club heat. While allowing for the heads to over-intellectualise, Bloomfeld’s output often exposes what comes out of the speakers as just wiggly air after all. Existence is a cosmic joke. Bloomfeld runs the Overthinker Mob research imprint, among many other missions “rejecting conventional formats for releasing music“ (FACT Mag) by „putting out unfinished or "overthought" music from artists anonymously“ (Resident Advisor) - Compiling „a diverse range of anti-ego club tunes and somber atmospheres“ (Electronic Beats). He has been a founding member of multiple community radio projects in Germany and the UK, and held a residency on Rinse FM with his “Culture vs. Reality“ show.