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Lily Ackerman

Raised in a quiet farming town in Illinois, Lily’s first outings with electronic music began after relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, co-founding the Diacritic Collective - a group of music devotees passionate about vinyl culture - and later landing a residency at the long-running As You Like It parties. Fast forward ten years later and Lily resides in Berlin where she has unleashed her dexterous selection of techno, electro and leftfield electronics at institutions like Tresor, Pornceptual and Bewegungsfreiheit. Her production career spans over a decade, including releases on Perfect Location Records, Vinyl Dreams Records, As You Like It Recordings and compilations by HÖR Music, Bewegungsfreiheit and Perimeter Junk. Channeling her US roots and fusing years of experience with newfound inspirations in Berlin, Lily looks toward the next decade with hope, passion and an innate sense for the eternal groove of the dance-floor.
12 Shows
Lily Ackerman's shows
Lily Ackerman | HÖR – Aug 2 / 2023
Aug 02, 2023 / 26.6K views
Lily Ackerman | HÖR – Oct 5 / 2022
Oct 05, 2022 / 11.7K views
Lily Ackerman | HÖR – Aug 18 / 2022
Aug 18, 2022 / 27.4K views
Lily Ackerman | HÖR – Feb 10 / 2022
Feb 10, 2022 / 14.2K views
Lily Ackerman / October 27 / 6pm-7pm
Oct 27, 2021 / 12.6K views
Lily Ackerman / April 8 / 9pm-10pm
Apr 08, 2021 / 11.7K views
Lily Ackerman / October 5 / 4pm-5pm
Oct 05, 2020 / 10.5K views
Lily Ackerman / March 5 / 5pm-6pm
Mar 05, 2020 / 27.6K views