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Sep 07, 20234475 views
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Žygimantas RGB

Let it never stop! Amazing mix!

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Apolonia Jacobs, also known as Cuby, is a Caribbean DJ breaking boundaries with her fusion of electronic and Afro-Diaspora sounds. From Baile to Latin, Groove to House, Cuby's music is a captivating journey through diverse genres, rooted in her Cuban heritage. Beyond the DJ booth, Cuby is a visionary host, founder of @ochunradio & curator, as well as hosting a residency at Oroko Radio and much more. She is a versatile talent, modeling for major brands and shining on screen as an actress. Inspired by her roots, Cuby's music is a cultural tapestry, earning international acclaim through collaborations with stations like NTS New York & London, and performances alongside icons like Erykah Badu, Marteria or Layla Boe. From festival stages to collaborations with brands like Google Pixel and Lululemon, Cuby's journey continues to rise, captivating audiences worldwide with her magnetic presence and unique sound.
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