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Epic set!


yes yes!



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Disguised emerged in 2015 when Alvaro and Domenik, both from south of Germany, joined together as a Techno Producer and DJ Duo after meeting at a techno party in 2014. Inspired by the early 2000s sound, they created a unique blend of rapid and melodic techno with influences from Driving and Hypnotic Techno. Their music found a place on respected labels like Suara, ISARN, Deadline Records, and Akronym. In 2020, Disguised and Daniel Heinrich launched their independent Techno Record Label, INHERIT, which gained recognition with Beatport Top 10 chart-climbing releases. In 2021, they introduced the "INHERIT presents" event series, focusing on quality and cultural depth in DJ bookings, rather than big names. In the techno world, they're making their mark by staying true to their artistic vision. Their own events, held at top clubs like Anomalie, PAL Hamburg, and Club Ost, offer immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees.
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