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DJ MELL G is one of the most remarkable talents to breakthrough in recent years. The DJ, producer and Juicy Gang Records boss is grafting her way to a long-lasting career in electronic music. DJ MELL G grew up in Hamburg and started DJing at DIY parties in Frankfurt and Marburg. In 2020, she regularly played on HÖR Radio, and today, she continues to reach a global audience on the airwaves with her fierce sound and nimble mixing. International bookings at MELT Festival, K41, fabric, OXI, Up To Date Festival and PAL continue to shape her schedule. Releases on FTP, Childsplay, 777 Recordings and her own imprint, Juicy Gang Records, display the fun and adventurous aesthetic of DJ MELL G. In 2021, her debut album on JGR dropped via three EPs, each produced in collaboration with DJ Godfather, Karnage Kills and DJ Fuckoff. With her relentless dedication to DJing, music production and Juicy Gang Records, DJ MELL G is a talent who remains true to her artistic vision no matter the trend in dance music.
juicy-gang-recordsHamburg / Kyiv
10 Shows
DJ MELL G's shows
JUICY GANG – DJ MELL G | HÖR – Mar 28 / 2023
Mar 28, 2023 / 54.2K views
Melt – DJ MELL G | HÖR – Jun 10 / 2022
Jun 10, 2022 / 105.8K views
Quest – Cyan85 B2B DJ MELL G / November 26 / 4pm-5pm
Nov 26, 2021 / 137.5K views
DJ MELL G / June 2 / 6pm-7pm
Jun 02, 2021 / 208.7K views
DJ MELL G B2B aitch / January 8 / 9pm-10pm
Jan 08, 2021 / 62.4K views
DJ MELL G / September 29 / 4pm-5pm
Sep 29, 2020 / 122.3K views
DJ MELL G / June 30 / 6pm-7pm
Jun 30, 2020 / 184.7K views