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Dzhem Deyanov

Sick man.

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At the invitation of LACKREC. and Magic Power in 2018, Berlin’s DJ Spit has surfaced as a new talent pushing a hybrid set of sounds. Geared toward drum and bass, techno and warehouse to drill and amen-infused breaks, Spit fills a gap between ghetto house and hi-tech industrial. With beats making it to Spandau20, Possession and Pollerwiesen podcasts, other sets and appearances include Slam Radio and Lobster Theremin, to mixes for Rinse FM France and HÖR in Berlin. Booked for Berghain’s Säule, Endurance in Copenhagen and Kiev’s ∄ - to raves in Armenia through London - Spit’s other spots online include a back-to-back set with VTSS (Q Club) and a session for Boiler Room at Leipzig’s Distillery. Sending an unapologetic dive bomb into the contemporary fields of rave, Spit launched Rascal Records in 2021, and ahead of founding the Verteiler label, he’ll continue to blaze a trail to the very extremes of club music.