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“Everyone needs a dose of fka.m4a in their lives. The London-born artist moved to Berlin and remains a constant source of warmth on the airwaves of the city’s HÖR Radio, where they bounce between Italo disco, chunky house, hi-NRG beats and pepperings of psychedelic techno with exuberant energy. Standing out like the intricately-coloured tattoos emblazoned on their chest, fka.m4a’s seamless, feel-good mixes have anchored their presence in Berlin’s underground dance music scene. Recently signed to Apelago agency in 2021, there’s no doubt fka.m4a is ready to take on an increasingly busy schedule of bookings that will propel their radiant sound worldwide, and the’ve begun to drop hints online about a solo production in the works, due for release at the end of the year.” - DJ Mag, 2021 fka.m4a has already seen tremendous success on dance floors around Europe in the last years, post pandemic making quite the impact on the dancefoor. Hand picked by the likes of Peggy Gou & Amelie Lens for their events, debuts & reoccurring appearances at prestigious venues such as Amnesia, Berghain, Circoloco, Boiler Room, Blitz, Fabric, Ministry of Sound and many more. 2022 has been a very strong year for the artist, with much more to follow for this rising star.