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Mascha | HÖR – December 2 / 2023m
Dec 02, 2023 / 2818 views
Shifa Ligero | HÖR – December 2 / 2023
Dec 02, 2023 / 1635 views
Alex Wilcox | HÖR – December 1 / 2023
Dec 01, 2023 / 3535 views
Philo | HÖR – December 1 / 2023
Dec 01, 2023 / 4040 views
Tapefeed | HÖR – December 1 / 2023
Dec 01, 2023 / 2551 views
Aida Arko | HÖR – November 30 / 2023
rfta | HÖR – November 29 / 2023
Nov 29, 2023 / 2991 views
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Together, Sarah and Georgia make up DJ duo IN2STELLAR. The two also run some of Melbourne/Naarm's best parties and club nights, Neurotiq Erotiq. After solidifying their place in the Australian underground dance music scene, their future is international - with their name now beginning to build away from their home shores. In their earlier days, the two led a new, fresh wave of local DJs through the scene - many of whom are now seeing their careers flourish in a similar fashion as the years go on. Straight out of the gate, picking up gigs so frequently saw IN2STELLAR begin to build an organic community around themselves - one bolstered by countless guest mixes on community radio stations like Triple R, PBS and Skylab, Sarah’s work running DJ mentorship programs and the AU/NZ renowned WIP Project, and Georgia’s record label Phenomena. That community still remains solid today as they’ve expanded their skillset from DJing into production with tracks on multiple compilations including UK based Sticky Tapes, and their remixes for Sampology and Rita Bass. They’ve had mixes on international radio stations like Noods, Balaami and Rinse FM, and showcased their sets at some of the countries biggest festivals like Pitch Music and Arts, Strawberry Fields and Splendour in the Grass. With a focus on collaboration, fun, fostering relationships, and most importantly - music, their serious drive and work ethic shines through in all of their DJ sets and production work. On the hosting front, their party Neurotiq Erotiq remains a staple monthly(ish) event in their hometown, years on since its inception, where they’ve played host to acts like Logic1000, Juicy Romance, Moktar, Eclair Fifi, Kate Miller, and Nite Fleit, alongside hundreds of up and comers / friends / and of course sweaty dancers. The party has been a way for the two to nurture their own career whilst also existing as an outlet for their creativity and desire to create new connections with others that are musically aligned to them and remains an integral part of their pursuit.
neurotiq-erotiqphenomenawip-projectNaarm (Melbourne)