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Jakob Mäder

Jakob Mäder is a Stuttgart based DJ and producer who also performs live. His musical interest spans across different genres: ambient, disco, house, acid, and sometimes even techno inspired music. Together with his crew Midnight Service he organises events with artists such as Johannes Albert, Philipp Schultheis or Panthera Krause, just to name a few. Ranging from reduced ambient to classic house inspired deep house or experimental breakbeat productions, his output as a producer reflects his eclectic taste as a DJ. Besides crafting his very own tracks, cheerful disco tracks result from his artistic work every now and then. He started his own label Constant Change in 2021.
1 Shows
Jakob Mäder's shows
Jakob Mäder | HÖR – June 15 / 2024
Jun 15, 2024 / 3459 views