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Kasra V

Kasra V is an Iran-born, London-based DJ and producer. As a DJ, he has played across live and radio formats, and one can hear this range in his sets — what he spins out to a club isn’t bound by any particular genre, but rather shifts through attitudes and affects of electronic music, catered to booming mainfloors or more intimate spaces. Kasra’s practice as a DJ has expanded through a residency at London’s NTS radio since 2014, for which he has programmed more than 150 shows and hosted honoured artists such as Yello, Tangerine Dream, and Dream 2 Science. He has also presented mixes for Paria Farzaneh’s Outsider Radio project, and the Sameheads C60 Tape Collection Series – his mixtape, “A Dream within a Dream” slides along ambient soundscapes, vocals sung in Farsi, poem recitations in German, and orchestral swells. It bears Kasra’s signature. ​Growing up in Tehran, Kasra’s reception of Western music was to be filtered by the selections of state-funded radio stations, bootleg availability, and downloaded internet radio shows. One can hear in his production work not a sense of hybridity, but a single attitude tuned by musics both Eastern and Western, popular and experimental. Influences from bleep techno might play alongside Persian melodic systems, the San Francisco rave sound and strands of European experimental compositions from the 90s. Releasing 4 EPs since 2015, each collection holds diverse postures and timbres: the most recent, Akasa, bears a fruitful collaboration with Detroit’s legendary Dopplereffekt — another production unit whose work arises from a practice of blending, borrowing and rewriting cultural code.
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Kasra V | HÖR – May 25 / 2023