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Lawrence Lee

From jacking and acid influences to breaks and hardcore rhythms, Lawrence Lee’s style and technique, in its futuristic ebb, channels an emotive approach to activate the dancefloor. Lawrence is a bombardier behind the controls, oscillating between dopamine-releasing rave sounds with trance hooks, sci-fi electro and hard-hitting techno. His use of steam rolling subs, far flung percussion and stripped down drum trax hit home with a hypnotic flow. As a resident and co-founder of the LUSH club night at Panorama Bar, Lawrence time in Berlin has seen him emerge as a resident on fire and in effect. Moving to the capital in 2017 via New York, he’s since established his own A7A Records, and fashioned stand-out releases with the Radiant Love label, Steel City Dance Discs and E-Missions along the way. Broadcasting a frenzied array of everything from Techno to Jungle and Dub for his Rinse FM monthly, Lee’s shows have included guest mixes from an exciting and well curated selection of both emerging artists like DJ Spit, Luz1e and DJ Genderfluid as well as established stalwarts of the scene like Handmade, Regina Leather and Henning Baer.