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Mike Starr

A purveyor of the underground, championing the unsung via overlooked or slept on gems, British born-Berlin based Mike Starr has applied his musical sensibilities to his sets and productions for the past two decades whilst retaining the true foundations of house & techno. Mike Starr has guested at many of the best of Berlin underground clubs + parties including Panorama Bar, About Blank, Heideglühen, Kit Kat Club, Wilde Renate, Sisyphos, and Paloma Bar. Mike has actively injected his unique blend of charisma and soul into underground house. Djing with musicality, groove and a sense of purpose by emotionally telling a story within his sets, mixes and productions. Mike's sound although firmly grounded in house, incorporates groove based nuances from Electro, Garage from the roots of his native UK to the sound of Detroit/Chicago House & Techno.
5 Shows
Mike Starr's shows
Mike Starr / January 7 / 7pm-8pm
Jan 07, 2021 / 5435 Views
Mike Starr / June 18 / 5pm-6pm
Jun 18, 2020 / 4966 Views
Industrie x Nite Line – Mike Starr / April 6 / 3pm-4pm
Apr 06, 2020 / 5424 Views