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BLGV | HÖR – March 4 / 2024
Mar 04, 2024
Loa Szala | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 8079 views
Nico Lahs | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 3182 views
D-Knox | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 2903 views
Rebecca Goldberg | HÖR – March 2 / 2024
Mar 02, 2024 / 3856 views
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Nathalie Capello

Nathalie has been a staple of Berlin’s incomparable underground scene since 2014, playing the city’s joie de vivre open-air parties and peak time house sets at titans of the Berlin club circuit such as Paloma, Sisyphos and Renate. Hailing from Rotterdam, Nathalie’s Nightlife education was thorough and diverse. Her rave-forward pallet is unmistakable, commonly blending nostalgic breakbeats, golden-era vocal house, and blistering acid with the best hidden gems of the contemporary underground. Nathalie has been steadily carving out a place for herself, featuring as part of Feel My Bicep’s mix series as well as multiple appearance on Berlin’s acclaimed HÖR broadcast series. If that were not enough, she has released a thundering EP on Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality imprint and made appearances on Paloma Bar’s label Paloma. In 2021 she started her monthly radio residency on Refuge Worldwide with her show The Third Track. She has earned a global reputation, having played throughout Europe, Latin America, and in Africa.