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London-based, Paige, made her entrance into the music industry co-running and curating event and label, Night Service Records. Her approach to DJing draws influence from her dance-floor experiences and how music makes you feel, crossing club-focused genres frequently. Her energetic style often involves combining tribal infused tracks with driving, groovy techno sounds whilst dipping into vocal lead jersey club and ghetto house. Music to dance to. Paige recently curated a takeover on HÖR berlin, following her debut late last year. Named as one of DJ Mags acts popping off this October, Paige also has regular shows on KINDRED radio and has also guested on various other stations including Rinse FM, Munich based Radio 80k, Foundation Fm and more, as well as events in clubs and venues including Fold, Tate Britain for RA, Renate Berlin, to name a few. For Paige, however, the music experience is more than just sound, she also brings a creative flair to the scene by working as a visual artist, focusing on creating dynamic graphic visuals to amplify and enhance her brand as the core creative at Night Service. With Night Service, Paige, puts focus on creating community, safe space & coming to the club for the dancefloor experience.
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