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Ray Kandinski

Ray Kandinski lives and breathes music. Born and raised in Hannover, the half Nigerian and half German artist was exposed to diverse cultures and rhythms from a young age. When he heard Larry Heard’s ‘Can You Feel it’ in a video game as a kid, he fell in love with House Music and has been hooked on it ever since. From there on, he was introduced to the works of artists like Underground Resistance, the Belleville Three and A Guy Called Gerald. Starting small, he began producing on an iPod, before learning the ropes of music production and gaining confidence to eventually send out demos. In 2016 he moved to Berlin to study design and be part of the sprawling creative scene. Drawing inspiration from the originators of House and Techno, the Berlin-based artist takes a fresh approach on these genres, while staying true to their core. Ray’s “tech-savvy” (Resident Advisor) style is characterized by catchy basslines, smart drum programming and melodic atmospheres, often paired with powerful vocals. His forward-thinking productions have been released by labels around the globe, among them Lobster Theremin, Shall Not Fade, Let’s Play House and E-Beamz. Since his first release in 2016 he released 10 EPs on vinyl and was featured on numerous Various Artists records alongside artists like Baltra, Route 8 and Kornél Kovács. The sound of productions also carries on in his DJ sets, bringing energy and drive to dance floors in Berlin and across Europe. As a well-versed House head, Ray brings a classic flavour into the mix, digging out rare House and Techno bangers out of the late 80s/90s as well as the occasional crowd-pleaser that’ll make even the most shy dancers move. His selection ranges from deep melodic Chicago House over groovy Tribal to fast-paced oldskool Tech Funk a la Dave Angel.
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