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Vinyl record selector and DJ, So-Fi has been swinging her record bag around the world for the past years. Known for being a skilled dancefloor director, her impeccable programming and polished style led her to play at renowned clubs and festivals. Her mixing skills demonstrate a gift for storytelling and her sets feature dark and smooth grooves at the crossroads of breaks, house, and techno. Born and raised in Paris, So-Fi spent years exploring a distinct and captivating area of high-quality underground dance music. She moved to London in 2013 and spent some time living there before deciding to move to Berlin in 2017. During this time she built a vast vinyl record collection that she learned to play in small events with friends. Shortly after becoming a resident of the Superluminal x Discarded Gems party, she started to play in clubs in Berlin such as Hoppetosse, Watergate, Renate, and Globus, as well as touring abroad regularly.
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