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Softi is rapidly becoming one of London’s most sought-after underground DJs. Her sets are boundlessly dynamic, seamlessly drifting across the BPM ranges and skirting genre constraints. A club-centric approach ensures maximum crowd reaction, while an experimental fluency keeps things defiantly forward-facing. Her unique style has seen her closing out Fabric alongside Bluetoof, invited to Or:la’s acclaimed Phonox residency, gracing Barcelona’s legendary Razzmatazz, as well as playing London’s E1 for the Waterworks Afterparty. This outlook is further expressed as the curator behind Cozi, a club night based out of South London’s revered Ormside Projects. As an extension of Softi’s DJing, the events look to platform individuals who sculpt bespoke experiences through their music, less tied to core aesthetics and instead aiming for creative honesty and cohesion. With this we find nights that connect audience and artist, taking a considered step back from one-note clubbing to something more refined, mindful and forward-thinking. The club night is flanked by a flagship show on Rinse FM that acts both an extension and a preview as to what is to expect from the events. The next year holds extensive touring across the UK and Europe, further igniting crowds from heads-down basements to sun-bleached festival stages. Additionally, a long-gestating foray into the world of production finds Softi further expanding her own sonic world, with releases bubbling on the near horizon.
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Softi | HÖR – Mar 25 / 2023
Mar 25, 2023 / 10.2K views