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From Brooklyn to Berlin, many have made the jump, but few have had the trajectory to the German capital as Xiorro. With an unparalleled presence, style, and demeanor in the underground, DJ, producer and label head Xiorro is renowned for igniting revelry. Having begun his artistry in 2017 in Brooklyn’s then-vibrant underground, Xiorro’s current status as a Berlin-based DJ is illuminated by his impactful run in Brooklyn with ALKHEMY & the beloved warehouse and off-site rave series, The Black Hole, which he both co-founded. Now a fixture in Berlin’s fervent club scene, Xiorro has transitioned seamlessly into a resident role at RSO where he frequents regularly, picking up where he left off at with his residency when the club was known as Griessmuehle and located in Neukölln. Fueled by a relentless and unyielding dedication to the craft, Xiorro has forged a style which blends endurance with mixing prowess and a meticulous selection. For a secret that almost feels like a clandestine, the dance floor needs not to worry when in the hands of Xiorro, as he has solidified himself as a trusted armament of RSO where he’s recognized for his extended sets during the club’s renown club night weekenders. His ability to play long sets and adapt to the style of the night elevates him to a league of his own. Whether guiding the audience through an intimate, incorporeal experience or powering the dance floor with moving fervency, Xiorro’s versatility and adaptability shines through as an exquisite fusion of artistic finesse together with his Puerto Rican heritage. Moreover, what distinguishes Xiorro apart from others is not only his self-taught musical ear for composing otherworldly vibrations but also his innate sense of drive and groove. The way that Xiorro understands how groovy rhythms succumb to the drive and revel in the intensity of the increased tempo, makes him a luminary leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of listeners. The inception of Xiorro’s Whirlwind Trax label in 2019 stands as an attestation to his commitment to interpreting techno through his own lenses. With releases that showcase both Xiorro’s own work as well as the work of label affiliates, Whirlwind Trax holds a catalogue of tracks that are sure to set a soundsystem ablaze. In tandem with a mixture of a desire to create a memorable experience with an affinity for the sheer excitement of techno, Xiorro now works on the continuance of The Black Hole now evolving into the ULTRANOVA club night series at RSO in 2024. Creating a community for the outcast of the outcasts, Xiorro is now focused on cultivating his own community within the Berlin ecosystem through his newly inaugurated night.