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Blasha & Allatt

Honorary Mancunian natives and co-founders and residents of the infamous Meat Free parties, hailed as one of the wildest techno raves in the UK. The duo are revered in their local scene as much as they are championed by many of the artists and peers they have played alongside. With a symbiotic energy behind the decks whether at the helm at Manchester’s White Hotel, holding it down in Fabric or cruising into the early hours at Tresor, Blasha and Allatt bring it every time. Fast and hard but always with soul, their sets are a relentless force that have blessed dancefloors such as FOLD, Berghain, Freerotation, Shelter, House of God and Dimensions Festival to name a few. Never content to not push the boundaries of their music and of the scene, 2022 has seen the launch of Frixxxion - a new inclusive space for queer techno raving in the heart of Manchester’s underground. And with acclaimed releases already on Ben Sims’ Machine and Blue Hour, expect to get even more familiar with the sound of Blasha and Allatt.
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