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Kontronatura's sound is focused on percussive, hypnotic and fast-paced beats with historically black roots – Dancehall, Kuduro, Funk, Techno, Jersey Club, Footwork, among others. Along the past year, as a resident of one of the biggest underground parties in Brazil (MAMBA NEGRA), Kontronatura travelled around Brazil and Latin America presenting his sound in events such as Kode (Rio de Janeiro), ODD + Bassiani (São Paulo), Universo Paralello (Bahia), Hiedrah Club de Baile (Buenos Aires) and Batekoo (São Paulo). In addition to that, his mixes aired on several notable platforms such as Boiler Room, Rinse France and others, being selected twice by Resident Advisor as mix of the day at 2021 and 2022. He began his career at Escuro collective, which explored black and afro-diasporic identities, where the curatorial proposal was exclusively focused on black producers. His trajectory began with influences from disco, soul and house, before becoming involved in more experimental paths in music. Achille took a liking to breaking expectations and messing with the listener's imagination, believing that the dancing body is free and sees the dance floor as a power to purge colonial violence. Achille, who is a transmasculine person, understands that his body has political action in response to the lack of representation in the scene, in which trans bodies have little or no access. He takes back for himself the raw material of his existence as the greatest tool to position himself as an artist, being one representative of transmasculine community in electronic music
Mamba NegraSão Paulo
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