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mokeyanju is a dancer, radio broadcaster and DJ/vinyl-selector. She is heavily influenced by Detroit’s Hip Hop legacy, Fújì, Highlife, Ndombolo, House and percussion-based music. Her broad interest in East African and Caribbean culture led her to collect records from Trinidad & Tobago, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo and beyond - coming across the trajectories of Calypso, Taarab, Benga, Soukous, Rumba as well as contemporary East African producers and electronic sounds. mokeyanju plays sets that reflect her unique and versatile music expertise. As a frequent host of Refuge Worldwide's Breakfast Show, her eclectic taste spans genres including Dilla-inspired hip hop beats, indigenous folk music, alternative, ambient afrofusion sounds, jazz-infused afrobeat, soul, and deep house. mokeyanju has played memorable sets in uncommon corners of the world: Jo’burg, Lagos, Accra, Point Fortin (Trinidad), Mombasa, Nairobi and at several exclusive house parties in Berlin. Her first self-produced experimental soundscape installation '[NDW] nondisruptive wahala - a nollywood cynergy' was exhibited at African Artists’ Foundation in Nigeria early 2019, marking mokeyanju’s debut as an emerging sound artist to look out for.
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